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Hob Sharpening Machine


Hob Sharpening Machine

■ Luren Precision has been manufacturing gear cutting tools for over 20 years.  With the same President, Vice President and many of the same staff since day one.  Luren's experience and commitment to perfection can be seen in everything Luren does.  With all the experience gained from reverse engineering gear drawings and manufacturing some of the finest gear cutting tools in the industry, Luren has been able to create a hob sharpening machine that is very user-friendly and very reliable.  Luren developed this machine with an advanced Windows-based operating system that basically only requires final specification of the work piece and the software, using many graphical visual aids, does the rest of the calculations for the operator. 

■ With Fanuc controls, a directive drive oil cooled motor, a linear motor and custom designed software, Luren has carefully selected and matched some of the most advanced technological components available on a CNC grinding machine to insure productivity, reliability, and most importantly high precision results. 

LHG-3040 Brochure