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 ■ Luren Precision was initially established for manufacturing and researching gear cutting tools. This technology was first developed by the Mechanical Industrial Research Laboratories at the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Hsinchu, Taiwan. In 1995 Luren built the first production line for hobs and shaving cutters. In 1996 Luren was already supplying gear cutting tools to many international markets, such as Europe, America, and Asia. Through many successful years of gear cutting tool manufacturing, gear cutting tool software development and gear grinding machine development, Luren brings you the all new LGA-3020 CNC Continuous Generating Gear Grinding Machine.

■ LGA-3020 is built on a Reishauer AZA machine base, utilizing an advanced Siemens Sinumerik 840D CNC controller, highspeed workpiece spindle, and grinding wheel spindle. Luren’s highly efficient generating gear grinding and impressive gear grinding results are achieved by implementing a Luren designed and created gear grinding software which acts as an interface between Luren grinding machine and the Siemens 840D controller. Minimal CNC experience is necessary to operate this machine.

LGA-3020 is built on a Reishauer AZA machine base. This type of base has been used for many decades with exceptional results. The high rigidity of this type of base considerably adds to the overall performance of the LGA-3020.

LGA-3020 is equipped with the most advanced Siemens CNC controller available and the high precision electronic gear box module supplied by Siemens. Also integrated in the machine are an 8-axis close-loop servo control system and a direct drive motor such that all axes move simultaneously and very accurately.

■ LUREN’s intelligent gear grinding software is a Windows-based interface which has been carefully designed to support the complete grinding process. The operator does not need comprehensive CNC training to operate the LGA-3020 since Luren’s grinding software interfaces with the Siemens CNC controller to calculate all the necessary data to complete the CNC program. LGA-3020 brochure