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CNC Bevel Gear Cutting and Grinding Machine

■ LUREN PRECISION has developed a six-axis five-synchronized movement machine to manufacture bevel gears. This system utilized Gear Theory, Computational Geometry and Optimum Design Method, built a knowledge base for production intelligence, and developed a graphic interface based manufacturing system that allowed operators to easily complete the production of bevel gears.

■ LVC-100 uses a specific Cup Type Milling Cutter, to manufacture bevel gears in high efficiency. It is further equipped with a specifically designed HSK tool holder that provides flexibility and precision for tool replacement as well as production stability. Besides, B and C axes adopt high-precision direct-drive motor, to increase production precision. There is no need of backlash adjustment problem that happens with a worm gear after wearing, increasing reliability and allowing long-term multi-axis synchronized movement in production. Due to the use of direct drive motor, there is no backlash problem that happens with worm, allowing accuracy in gear production and eliminating the problem with different precision on left and right flank.

■ LVG-100 also uses HSK specifically designed tool holder and direct drive 4/5 axes. It is equipped with high speed spindle, magnetic filter, paper filter system, uses electroforming CBN grinding wheel to provide correction for the deformation after heat treatment to improve gear accuracy and reduce noise. The use of HSK tool holder allows automatic replacement of grinding wheels in different fine and coarse levels, and provides both manufacture efficiency and desired fineness.

Click here for the LVC-100/LVG-100 brochure.