5060 Internal Thread Grinder



Matrix Model 5060 Internal thread grinding machine

Standard features include

5060 Specification Sheet


Servo motor driven work head Siemens 840DE CNC Control
High Frequency spindle wheel head Coolant Clarification system
Manually adjustable helix Centrifugal separator
Absolute Encoders fitted on all configured axes Magnetic separator
Pillar mounted dresser Coolant chiller system
Remote Diagnostics Totally enclosed hood(ECC)
1 x Diamond Dressing media Fume extraction
1 x Grinding wheel Air conditioning (ECC)
1 x Hard metal quill 1x Testing Grind (customer) Part
Matrix ProfileMATE Software Installation & Commissioning

Technical specification

MATRIX 5060 CNC Precision Internal thread grinding machine

Max diameter swing 500mm
Max Diameter ground 400mm
Min Diameter ground bore 16 mm
Max Length Ground bore 250mm
Work head: (C Axis)
work head torque 154 Nm
Work speed range 0.4 to 120 RPM
C Axis Resolution 0.001º
Wheel head:
High frequency spindle 5000-30000 RPM
Helix Capacity (A Axis) ±12º
Wheel head:(Z Axis)
Table slide Travel 500mm
Table slide position resolution 0.00001 mm
Table slide traverse speed 0-7 M/Min
Wheel head (X Axis)
Wheel head slide Travel 270mm
Wheel head position resolution 0.00001 mm
wheel head slide traverse speed 0-7 M/Min
Wheel dressing Unit:
Helix Capacity ±12º
variable speed 0˜ 6000 RPM (Bi-Directional)
Dressing feed rate Programmable
Control system:
CNC System Siemens 840 DE Solution line
System specification PCU50.3
User interface Siemens HMI Advanced software
10.4″ Colour TFT screen Resolution 640 x 480 Pixels
operating & Programming Matrix advanced programming
Machine – Physical:
Approx gross machine weight 8000Kg
Approx Machine floor area 4800mm x 3800mm


NOTE; These capacities are subject to inevitable restrictions, depending upon wheel head, Helix angle, work holding, and support equipment.