Matrix Machine Tool (Coventry) Limited



● Matrix is existing since 1913 and has been producing Thread grinding machines since 1934.

● We have supplied machines literally in their thousands all over the world. And till date we have machines as old as sixty years, still working in the field.

● Matrix machines are still built in Coventry, England.

● Needless to say, Matrix machines as a brand is well recognised across the world and machines have longevity.

● Luren Precision is the US base sales and service office for Matrix Machine Tool.

● All machine have a closed loop system with feedback encoders and we use 0.0001 resolution scales.

● We use the latest Control system and at present it is Siemens 840 DESL.

● We use globally known peripherals such as Winterthur, Wendt, etc. including well know global brands for tooling.

● All External Machines have work-head mounted Dresser units , and for Internal machines Dresser units are located towards rear of the machine.

● Main feature of Matrix machines is that we have our own unique “Profilemate” thread software. This is supplied as standard with basic machine.

● As an option, we also provide “worm” Profilemate” software.

● All External machines are fitted with Auto Balancing Systems.

● All machines are supplied with Remote Diagnostics, customer has to make provide internet facility.


2250 External Thread Grinder

● 3060 Internal Thread Grinder

5060 Internal Thread Grinder