■ LUREN Precision Co., Ltd is a Gear cutting tool maker with abundant experience in the Cutting tools & grinding machine industry. The designing and manufacturing of the CNC WORM & THREAD GRINDING MACHINE is based on the latest technology of combining the CNC controller to a personal computer, our machines also uses the Direct Drive motor and Linear Motor to achieve high precision during grinding. The R&D team in Luren has built a machine with a rigid structure to provide stability but is also user friendly by using the ‘SMART GRINDING’ theme to make operation simply easy.    LWT-2080 Brochure


 The machine is designed to do the following types of grinding: double lead grinding, tapper thread grinding, single flank grinding, dual pressure angle grinding, plug thread gage, rolling die, crusher roller etc. with the help of Luren developed software for flexible generation of practically infinite number of different profiles, management of grinding/ dressing cycles and storage of process / profile data, the combination of PC and digital control system reflect in easiness to operate, for data input and unlimited software setting. Our flexible dresser enables profiling of the grinding wheels for standardized worm profiles and multi-ribs grinding wheels for thread grinding, including the tip and root modifications and profiles of rotors for pump.