Luren Precision

All gear cutting equipment manufactured under the LUREN brand is based on many years of experience in the gear industry. We use only the best technology in our machines, including the integrated PC and Numerical Controller, name brand linear and direct drive motors. Our low cost, high quality machines have zero backlash, and provide manufacturers with an industry leading, highly efficient gear grinding solution.

The following machine tools are available:

■ LVC-100/LVG-100 CNC Bevel Gear Cutting/Grinding Machine LVC-100/LVG-100 brochure

■ LFG-3540 Horizontal Gear Profile Grinding Machine LFG-3540 brochure

■ LFG-8040 Vertical Gear Profile Grinding Machine LFG-8040 brochure

■ LWT-2080/3080 Worm Thread Grinding Machine LWT-2080/3080 brochure

■ LHG-3040/LHS-3040 Hob Sharpening Machine LHG-3040 brochure

■ LUG-3040 CNC Universal Gear Tool Grinding Machine LUG-3040 brochure

■ LGA-3020 Continuous Generating Gear Grinding Machine LGA-3020 Brochure