Technical Service

Hota Industrial set up for almost half a century and has claimed a professional gear manufacturer. The current Tier 1 and Tier customers cover a lot of global major automobile plants, transmission plants, gear, pump manufacturers, including BMW, GM, FORD, NISSAN, PORSCHE, DUCATI, BorgWanner, YAMAHA, ZF, EATON, and etc.

Hota Industrial machinery division was established, a more comprehensive development for the company’s gear manufacturing business in the field. machinery and gear parts made based on professional USER must pass stringent quality requirements of OEM customers. In regarding the gear machines business, we do not merely sell machines, as a top gear manufacturer, we know the details of the production process and treat every step seriously. We have more than just selling the products. We have the ability to provide gear production automation, workpiece fixtures, tool analysis, capacity analysis, gear production line output, and etc.