Gear Cutting Tools

Luren Precision is a manufacturer of gear cutting tools. Luren uses quality materials and manufacturing equipment to ensure the longest possible tool life. We offer custom and standard Hobs, Worm Hobs, Milling Cutters, Spline Hobs, Timing Pulley Hobs, Rack Hobs, Sprocket Hobs, Carbide Hobs, Special Profile Hobs, Shaving Cutters, Shaper Cutters, and Master Gears. Please send us your request for quote for pricing and lead time.

■ Based on over 25 years of precision gear design and manufacturing experience, LUREN has developed a high quality gear cutter manufacturing system. This system includes a comprehensive R&D, design and production infrastructure. Our gear cutters are 100% defect free high quality products.

■ Approaching the Pinnacle of Perfection in addition to strict quality control, we also carry out strict inspections of all our manufactured products, constantly refining our production operations to produce the perfect product for our customers.

Gear Cutting Tools brochure